Electronics Design

Quality electronic design services can be difficult to find. The scarcity of high-level design and verification resources affects the development of many electronic designs. JP-Electronics serves as a natural extension of your engineering team to achieve faster time-to-market and high electronic innovation. As an experienced electronic design company, JP-Electronics offers electronic services such as: Analog Electronics Design and Verification Power / Signal Integrity Analysis DSP Design (Digital Signal Processing) System / Hardware Design Embedded Software / Firmware / Codesign development Repair Services Expert Electronic Advice


High-speed digital Pulse generators Amplifier circuits Sensitive analog circuitry High-speed busses & I/O Phase locked loops Phase accumulators Electromagnetics Embedded Hardware Switch and linear power Low-cost design for low volumes PID Detection
Embedded Software Embedded GUI development Test automation System characterization DSP
Home Automation Systems Arbitrary Waveform Generators Function Generators Audiometers Computercontrolled Power Supplies Signal Generators Signal Switches Security Systems Data Acquisition Digital Multi Meters (DMM) Custom Sensors
UL, CSA, CISPR, FCC Design for Manufacture High Volume / Low Cost

Electronics Repair

With the help of a wide range of specialized tools, test systems and our qualified employees, we can repair your product quickly and professionally. Within our electronics repair, you benefit from the cost-efficient restoration of your failing device and increased future operational reliability. Furthermore, the performance of new product models can be improved, for example by the analysis of data already compiled from repaired field returns and collected in our database. Our repair and analysis services include professional cleaning, inspection, restoration of functionality, upgrading, maintenance, testing and repair reporting.

Advanced Electronics Design

For You who wants practical affordable results with cutting edge technology!

The First Thing

We seek to understand what you're trying to accomplish and define products to meet and often exceed your needs.

The Second Thing

Spend what you need and not a penny more. Through thorough analysis, we evaluate and provide development and manufacturing cost estimates to help you make informed decisions.

The Third Thing

We understand that your product needs to perform reliably and that manufacturing defects must be kept to a minimum to maximize your profits. That's why we design with quality and testability in mind. We also build custom test fixtures to verify the manufacturing process. .

The Fourth Thing

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